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Mary Alp
Landscape artist
A Landscape artist studying under Steve Morvell using pastels to paint scenes from the local area. Mary Alp 
Tony Gibson
Painter in Oils
Artist who paints in oils. Tony has studied under the wildlife artist Steve Morvell. Tony Gibson
Ena Graham
Botanical Artist
Moving to the Grampians area, Ena was so impressed by the abundance of native flowers both in her garden and the bush, She decided on painting only native flora. The range of plants , not only the flowers but also the buds and fruit are a constant source of interest, inspiration and pleasure. Ena Graham 
Marianne Henning
Watercolour Artist
Contemporary watercolours Marianne Henning 
Garry Holding
Specialising in pastels and studying under Steve Morvell the renowned wildlife artist. Garry Holding 
Anthony Mitchell
Painting caricature of people and buildings creating unique presents & gorgeous watercolours Anthony Mitchell 
Jim Montgomery
Art & Environment have always been the twin passions of Jim.  As a child and later when working as a surveyor, Jim painted the birds of the bush and also the environment in which he lived.  The places he called home and which provided the catalyst for his art were the Otways, the Central Desert, south west of Uluru, Arnhem Land, the Warrnambool coast, and the Grampians.  Glenville Jim Montgomery 
Steve Morvell 
Wildlife Artist
STEVE  is a highly acclaimed environmental artist, dedicated to raising human awareness of the beauty and fragility of wildlife and the habitats in which we co-exist. A deep need to understand animals on their own terms takes Steve to many wild places researching his art. His powerful and evocative work is exhibited around the world winning many major art awards and hangs in private, public and corporate collections. Steve Morvell
Ingrid Rudolph  
Mixed Artist
With a passion for all things art, her techniques include oil, airbrushing and pastels. The paintings include portraits, human, animals, local flowers and car wrecks.
Beautiful quilts are created with an artist's eye include geometric patterns, applique animals and floral.
Ingrid Rudolph
Sherryl Sertori
Pastel Artist
Learning under the acclaimed artist Steve Morvell, Sherryl works in pastel producing abstract, flora and fauna inspired works. Sherryl is also the owner of the Pied Piper Gallery Sherryl Sertori

Artists - Photographic
Eva Austin
Photographic Artist
Photography using Photoshop to make contemporary art pieces. Greeting cards using recycled paper. Into recycling & cards are all recycled. Cellophane is not used because it can't be recycled. Eva Austin 
Pauline Latta
Photographic Artist
With an interest in the unusual & small aspects of nature Pauline's photography shows aspects of nature people may never notice. The current work centres on unusually coloured clays. Pauline Latta
Sue Masterson
Photography of animals & birds, now into grunge photography Sue Masterson 

Artists - Textiles

Susi Curran
Textile artist
Turns material, and a mixture of different embroidery stitches, charms, trinkets, buttons and bits and pieces all hand sewn into  pictures and photo album covers Susi Curran 
Jenrick Design
Textile Art
The combination of photography by Pauline Latta and embellishments by Jenny Parkin on cushions, silk scarves, bags, lampshades and aprons creates unique household furnishings & fashion accessories. Jenrick Design
Stephen Gliese
Blue Moon Alpacas. Stephen is best known for his award winning beautifully soft alpaca woven scarves & shawls. His work has been nationally recognised, winning awards at the Australian Alpaca National Show & the Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show. Stephen Gliese Blue Moon Alpacas 
Katherine Weatherly
Textile Artist
Regards the world with passion and a determined optimism. Needing to interpret and understand her experiences usually through her art work. Loves colour and form, experimentation and problem solving, using many mediums and a variety of subject matter. Katherine Weatherly
Helen Wright
Wool Producer
Helen produces the beautiful raw wool which is then spun and can be purchased. In some cases the wool has then been made into beautiful garments. Helen Wright 
Beverley Grace
Beverley's interest in ceramics began with evening classes at Frankston TAFE. Bev moved to Pomonal in 1987 and after retirement in 1989 began watercolour painting with Stan Kelly in Ararat & joined a hobby ceramic class also in Ararat. Beverley Grace
Jordyn Mason
Porcelain Artist
Crafts minature animals out of porcelain Jordyn Mason 
Jill Vance
Ceramic Artist
Jill loves painting on china and porcelain tiles and especially enjoys doing roses, birds and scenes. Jill Vance

Artists -  Stained Glass
Mark Laing
Stained Glass
Cenvic Glass Creations. Mark' style is captivating and he pays great attention to every fine detail of his creations. His techniques and skills are diverse. Mark makes all leadlight designs by hand in his workshop Mark Laing
Harold Culling (Shear Art)  Metalworker Shear Art has been around since 2006. All items are one off. A love of all things Australian is the passion which shines through in each piece. Harold uses all recycled materials Shear Art

Artisans - Needlework
Sandra Dickeson
Specialising in the Country Style of needlework  Sandra Dickeson 
Ann Parry
Sewing - aprons, cushions and teacosies Ann Parry 
Rachel Vallance
Creates cushions and quilts from material to decorate the bed & the house Rachel Vallance
Gaye Williams
Sews owls to create doorstops Gaye Williams

Artisans - Knitters

Barbara Dempster
Knitter of the unusual and the practical from gorgeous jumpers to whimiscal teacosies. Barbara Dempster
Mena Potts
Knits and crochets whimsical objects Mena Potts
Joan Warfe
Joan specialises in knitting rugs & scarves for your favourite footy team  Joan Warfe 
Barbara Welsh
A Knitter from Stawell who makes beautiful warm rugs and entertains you with cute clowns. Barbara Welsh 

Artisans - Papercraft

Judy Lewin
Makes Greeting Cards for every occassion Judy Lewin 

Artisans - Jewellery

Cara Sandys
Silkscreenings jewellery. Cara Sandys has been making these fabulously fun and quirky pieces of jewellery for the last fifteen years.  She sells her popular work all over the UK and Australia. Cara Sandys
Emma-Louise Andrew
Creates lovely suncatchers to reflect the beautiful hues of the sun's rays in the glass  Emma-Louise Andrew 
David Mitchell
Both a wood worker and wood turner creating pens, needlecases, watches and chopping boards to name but a few. Each item is clearly labelled with the originating timber David Mitchell 
Richard Parkin
Richard is a Picture Framer from Great Western who makes beautiful boxes from the small to the large & exquisite jewelry boxes. All boxes are clearly marked with the timbers used. Richard Parkin Woodwork